Advice for Newbie Blogger?

Hey Guys! Clearly, I’m still in the new stages of blogging. I’m terrible at being consistent, but I really want to be! Any advice on how I can maintain this with my hectic schedule. I really do enjoy posting and it is a nice escape for me. I’m open to comments! I also believe I will start posting more about animal welfare and protection and environmental issues. I haven’t been cooking as much because that’s what law school does to ya! Talk you guys soon!

World Ocean Day 2015

Healthy Oceans = Healthy Planet
Healthy Oceans = Healthy Planet

Today is world ocean day, but that day should be everyday. The ocean provides life to so many species and provides so much enjoyment for humans, yet we continue to destroy, pollute, overfish, drill oil, dump waste, test bombs, and so much more. At the rate we are going soon the ocean will no longer be able to sustain any life forms. Think about all that fish you love to eat, or catch and release, or all the animals that have existed before us, but now cease to because of us. I have faith people will change, but I hope it’s not when it’s too late. Also, remember the circle – water evaporates from the ocean, goes into clouds, then creates precipitation… Toxic ocean = toxic rain. Think before you litter. Remember this earth is for us all. If you keep destroying it where are you going to live?

Progress to becoming an Animal Attorney!!

Update!! So, I’ve been slacking on my food posts again! I promise those will be back after mid-April! Currently, working on my Appellant Brief and then Oral Arguments!! Gahhh. More exciting news, I am now President of my law school’s SALDF chapter, which is Student Animal Legal Defense Fund. I am also the new Vice President of the Environmental Law Society! I think it is such an honor to be apart of these organization let alone become an active member of the e-board. SALDF is the law school chapter for the bigger group known as ALDF, Animal Legal Defense Fund. It is a non-profit organization that fights to protect the lives and interests of animals through the legal system! I love being apart of such a great organization to help support the end to abused animals. I can’t wait to bring awareness to more people about animals, animal legislation, and environmental progress. It may not seem that important, but protecting the environment is not only for the animals, but for our future generations. We have to start now to try and protect what we have left and preserve it. As well as educating people to become better habitants of earth. We all share this earth with animals and plants, which need our help! If not we won’t have a planet to give to our kids.

Hopefully, you guys will love al the updates and learning about helping animals and the environment!

Cravin’ Asian!!

It really isn’t that hard to come up with great vegetarian dishes that require absolutely no meat!! This was really inexpensive and easy to make! I cooked regular pasta, then sautéed the greens with some sesame oil and soy sauce and seasoning, then added the pasta. Set that aside. I had the vegetarian meatballs bake in the oven. As this was going I made a sauce from vegetable broth, pepper jelly, and some soy sauce. Brought it to a boil added my gorgeous eggs and medium poached them. Afterwards, added the meat balls and then serve over noodles! Hope you guys enjoy this! Please let me know how it goes!! 😀

Homemade Asian Noodles! Delicious pasta, soy sauce, sesame oil with kale, spinach and red chard, vegetarian meat balls and poached egg!
Homemade Asian Noodles!
Delicious pasta, soy sauce, sesame oil with kale, spinach and red chard, vegetarian meat balls and poached egg!
Looks even more decadent when you crack open the poached egg over the noodles!
Looks even more decadent when you crack open the poached egg over the noodles!

I’m back!

Well, I started this blog and I thought it was a great idea and I still do, but time flew by!! Quick mini update: I quit my job, packed all my stuff, moved to Orlando, and started Law School! Pretty much from August I was lost in legal world and learning the jargon! Great news, I’m pursing what I love and my passion for animals will lead to my career. I would love to advocate for animals rights and become an Animal and Environmental Lawyer!! So my blog will continue to be about amazingly delicious vegetarian dishes, animal compassion and education! That’s all for now!


Life has a funny way of working. Never did I think I would even try to make a blog, yet here I am! My name is Elizabeth and I am an animal lover. Just a girl who enjoys being healthy, active, working out, clean eating, and changing the world in wondrous ways! My friends joke around and call me “brown redneck girl”, I adore country music! This is all new territory to me, but I will post awesome recipes, motivation for everything in life, animals and lots of them, and pretty much anything else my heart desires! Looking forward to this new journey!